3_12_08 - Conceptualization • Instrument to advance...

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3/12/07 *Midterm Problem Points: Conference Diplomacy: Kyoto Conference, etc- Not UN, Not Summit (Camp David) International Organizations (IO’s) Institutions: Concrete, tangible structures with specific functions and missions IGOs : Intergovernmental Organizations Set up by at least two countries for some common purpose States are free to participate (or not) Features Purpose/objective Membership of sovereign states Established by treaties Bureaucracy (may or may not be set up in treaty) – can be more or less strict Maintain int’l legal personality Geographic Classification Regional || Global Scope Mono- NAFTA || WTO Functional APEC NATO || WHO OPEC Multi- EU OAS || UN Functional AU Arab League || Functions Mutually Benefit Means of Communication Aggregation: More influence/power with cooperation Help change/influence Norms Rule-Making Recruitment Socialization
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Unformatted text preview: Conceptualization • Instrument to advance nat’l interest (How does this benefit me?) [Realist POV] o Countries are simply competing; more powerful members control agenda • Forum: Legit forum for debates (neutral environment); functional {Neolib. POV] • Independent Actor [Idealist POV] NGOs : Non-governmental Organizations • Non-profit, voluntary citizens’ group • Local/national/int’l (Pam Miller/National Wildlife Fund/Save Darfur, Al Qaeda) IR Importance • Involvement w/ IGOs (can influence gov’t decisions) • Persuasive grassroots level o “Int’l Civil Society” – Global Community • Areas overlooked by gov’ts Criticisms • Inexperience/lack of expertise o Ignorance of local need (think malaria nets being turned into clothing) • Too narrowly focused • Interferes with Sovereignty • Assessment: How effective was it? Who judges? • Creates Dependency...
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3_12_08 - Conceptualization • Instrument to advance...

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