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Executive Summary - had to make a clear schedule of when we...

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Executive Summary Our project is based around the Operations Management concept of Project Management. More specifically, our game is played with the application of pessimistic times, expected times, and optimistic times. The game is used to show how far one can “move ahead” in a project based on how close they stick to their expected time. A player can also land on delays randomly throughout the game board, which represent delays that can happen in a real-life project. Winning the game shows how the player closest to their optimistic times, and who can avoid the most delays will have their project completed in the lowest amount of time. Our group also learned the value of project management while creating this game. We
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Unformatted text preview: had to make a clear schedule of when we all needed to meet and what we all needed to have done when we met. As in our game, we learned that sometimes we really were not able to make the optimistic time, or even the expected time. Members of our group failed to meet at certain scheduled meetings, and either other members would have to make up for the slack or our project would inevitably fall behind. However, by making a schedule and attempting to consistently hit our expected time accomplishing certain tasks in the project, we learned the value and importance of project management and how it does help to complete projects....
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