Testking Oracle IZ0-131

Testking Oracle IZ0-131 - B e I T C e r t i f i e d c o m...

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Unformatted text preview: B e I T C e r t i f i e d . c o m Total Number of Questions:- 154 Question No :-1. You create a form module for the Order Entry application. It contains the CV_ITEM canvas with a Date_Ordered text item. You alter the Date_Ordered text item so that the Canvas property is unspecified, but left the Visible property as the default. Where will the Date_Ordered item appear? A. It will appear on the CV_ITEM canvas because the Visible property will override the Canvas property at runtime. B. It will appear in the window at runtime , but outside the CV_ITEM canvas. C. It will not appear in the Layout Editor or at runtime. D. It will appear in the Layout Editor, but it will not appear at runtime. Answer : C Question No :-2. Which statement about system messages is true? A. The message level and severity are unrelated. B. More critical system messages have higher severity levels. C. You can suppress messages as long as the level is greater than 25. D. A message level of 0(zero) suppresses all except the most critical messages. Answer : B Question No :-3. You want to exercise more control over your queries at run time. Which statement is true about actions you can do during query processing? A. You cannot change the constructed SELECT statement. B. You can override any part of the constructed SELECT statement by resetting the SYSTEM.LAST_QUERY variable and resume the process by calling the SELECT_RECORDS built-in procedure in the Pre-Query trigger. C. You can determine which item should be included in a query by setting its QUERYABLE property to Yes in the Pre-Query trigger. D. You can dynamically change query conditions in the Example Record for each record to be fetched next by examining the current record in the Post-Query trigger. Answer : A Question No :-4. Under which two conditions will a trigger fail? (Choose two) A. When an unhandled exception occurs B. When you raise the WHEN OTHERS exception. C. When a trigger is defined at the wrong scope. D. When you raise the FORM_TRIGGER_FAILURE exception. E. When the PL/SQL editor displays a compilation error. Answer : A & D Question No :-5. Which built-in invokes the LOV that is attached to the current text item in the form? B e I T C e r t i f i e d . c o m A. SHOW_LOV B. LIST_VALUES C. REFRESH_LOV D. POPULATE_LOV Answer : B Question No :-6....
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This note was uploaded on 03/29/2012 for the course ORACLE 11 taught by Professor Fa during the Spring '12 term at Christian Brothers.

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Testking Oracle IZ0-131 - B e I T C e r t i f i e d c o m...

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