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Animal Sightings

Animal Sightings - Kudu Zebra Hippo Cape Buffalo Springbok...

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Animal Sightings Assignment! Name: TA Name: Due Date: Wednesday, January 25 th , by 5:00pm in the TA Office, 170 SWKT. Assignment: Please visit the Bean Museum and find as many of the following animals as you can. Please circle the names of the animals (or parts of animals) you were able to find.
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Unformatted text preview: Kudu Zebra Hippo Cape Buffalo Springbok Leopard Lion Dik dik Eland Impala Giraffe Elephant Rhino Warthog Jackal Bat-eared Fox Steenbok Duiker Baboon Rock Badger Wildebeest Gemsbok/Oryx...
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