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Joshua Singer Rosemary Lieske 3/1/12 Anthropology 101 Chapter 4 Worksheet 1. What is the ideational foundation of kinship and marriage? Is the idea of being related by blood or marriage innate or learned? - The ideational foundation of kinship is based on blood relationships. The organization and set up of those related through bloodlines is kinship. Although kinship is more founded on blood related relatives it is defined as the study of those with feelings of belonging and attachment to a family through a human bond. This bond can be created through marriage. Marriage is also for the benefit of a family but is founded on the main ideas for begetting legitimate children than the relationship between husband and wife. - The idea of being related by blood and marriage are both learned. There are people who are adopted and have no idea that their adoptive parents aren’t their genetic parents but just the people who raised them. Like in being related by blood in marriage each person must learn to adapt to different people who affect
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