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Joshua Singer Rosemary Lieske 3/6/12 Anthropology 101 Chapter 5 Worksheet Questions: 1. How does gender enter into the decisions you make in everyday life, such as shopping, cooking, entertainment, exercise, and employment? Gender gives a male or female its particular social role, characteristics, or persona any given society ascribes to being male or female. I have different tendencies because of my genetic due to the fact that I am a male. As a male I tend to shop for video games, food, and sport equipment. I tend to look for more aggressive entertainment such as violence and action movies; have more rigorous work out routines such as lifting weights versus yoga or pilates; and look for a more physically strenuous job. 2. Sit down and compose a list of masculine and feminine character traits. How well do they apply to yourself, your friends, and your family? Masculine: Feminine 1. Facial Hair 1. Nurturing 2. Aggressive 2. Vindictive 3. Closed 3. Talkative 4. Protective 4. Polite 5. Insensitive
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