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Chapter 8 Worksheet

Chapter 8 Worksheet - Chapter 8 Worksheet Name Joshua...

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Chapter 8 Worksheet Name: Joshua Singer TA and section: Rosemary 1) To what extent do the ideas about the nature of the world you hold to be true guide and help govern your thinking and your actions? Explain this in relation to the current social debates/legislation/controversies of gay marriage and universal health care. I believe that universal health care and gay marriage are both wrong. I believe these things based on my ideas about the nature of the world. Humans were put on this earth and commanded to multiple and replenish this earth and that cannot happen in a gay marriage. Universal health care is also wrong; I believe that people deserve the care that they earn for by working for it within society. The reason I hold these things to be true is because how I view the nature of the world. My thinking and actions are solely based on how I perceive the world. 2) What is the nature of the relationship you have with your ideas? Stormy, tumultuous, pleasant, constant, ever-changing? Explain!
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