Culture Equality

Culture Equality - Joshua Singer Rosemary Lieske 2/17/12...

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Unformatted text preview: Joshua Singer Rosemary Lieske 2/17/12 Anthropology 101 Culture Equality The Bushmen, a South African hunter gatherer society, live in the Kalahari Desert and have yet to explore the technological innovations the rest of the world discovered a long time ago. They havent discovered farming, housing, engines etc. The world we live in today is so fast that we neglect to view different cultures with practically but judge them with ignorance. Living in America with surrounded by all this technology we see the Bushmen as ancient and undeveloped. When we see what we think is dirty and unkempt we associate them with primitive and unknowledgeable. However, we are no more intelligent than they are the Bushmen just have specialized in different aspects of life. The American culture is no more developed, full, or complex than the Bushmen. Americans today see culture like the Bushmens and see that they dont know math, science, or etiquette but if we spent time in their culture for a while the American would look...
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