How does Technology Change our Lives

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Joshua Singer Rosemary Lieske Anthropology How does Technology Change our Lives? Throughout the years the world has improved and developed so drastically. From hunting and gathering to microwavable meals we have slowly but surely been changed by innovation. Technology has helped improve our society and increase our efficiency as a community. There have been revolutionary ideas that change our everyday lives. Technology has transformed our way of life in many aspects. One central element is communication and how it has molded our interactions with each other. Steve Jobs was very important in the revolution of communication. He did so by helping invent one of the most influential devices in the world, the computer. At first it was just a device to work on small projects and tasks. It quickly evolved into something that now gives you the
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Unformatted text preview: ability to play games, surf the web, and instantly chat with one another. In just the past 30-40 years we have gone from making unreliable calls that took minutes to connect to instantly seeing our family in a matter of seconds. The revolution of communication has significantly changed the way we interact; it is much easier to express emotion through a thought out concrete message than to explain something in person. Technology has been both beneficial and detrimental to our society. We have been able to exploit new opportunities and further our knowledge in these areas. However, our connection in person has also changed therefore crippling us. The expectation for the world socially has become more casual which has left us susceptible to the destruction of physical communication....
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