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Industrial Development

Industrial Development - Joshua Singer Industrial...

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Joshua Singer 1/30/12 Industrial Development In the film Guns, Germs, and Steel it shows the development of all across the globe. One thing it portrayed is that not many people study is not only the fact that people developed from nothing but how they were able to do so. It showed that because the Papua New Guineans did not have protein they have not been able to develop like the rest of the world despite the success of other countries that lack the same natural resources. Jared Diamond’s work really intrigued me because I had never really thought why or how the world was able to develop. I became aware of the geographical layout and how that drastically affected the outcome of many nations. Initially I was sold on his argument that grains and domestic animals were the reason humans were able to progress but he does not factor in the societies that were able to do so well without the countries that disproved his theories.
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