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Wyatt - “I purposely made a girl and crushed her hopes and dreams. She was trying to take over my We the People unit and she wasn’t doing enough work.” “I took a girl out that felt like she wasn’t fitting in with her friends. I took her out on a date because my dad asked a favor of me. I was given the opportunity to help her and I like to help people” Ryan Sagers – “I tackled my brother so hard that I broke his collar bone. We were playing football and he was talking trash so I had to show him up.” “I bought my brothers tickets to the Jazz/Heat game and it was really expensive. I wanted to show my love for them and I knew they both love Lebron.”
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Unformatted text preview: Brad Sears I hit a kid in the stomach with a baseball bat. He was teasing and making fun of me and I did it out of anger. I made my mom breakfast in her bed on Mothers day. I did that because I love her and wanted to express it to her. David Belnap I helped my seminary teacher shovel snow one morning. He was the only one who was doing and it was much faster with two people working together. I made fun of a girl because her dad died. I liked her and she along with a lot of my friends were making fun of me and that made me really angry....
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