Young and Restless

Young and Restless - Joshua Singer Rosemary Lieske 3/20/12...

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Joshua Singer Rosemary Lieske 3/20/12 Anthropology 101 Young and Restless: The Definition of Success People in our society today make decisions based off of what they have been through, what their parents have been through, and their personal goals in life. The kids of the college generation have been pampered and spoiled that their work ethic is low and because we live in a society with so much privilege that we lose the value of independence. As children we are constantly learning and developing; in past generations the majority of society had to go through many trials and tribulation in order to be rewarded for their efforts. Nowadays parents reward their children for little to no work at all because they receive the products of their parent’s labors. People develop personal passions because of the history of their friends, family, and themselves based on these experiences they pursue future’s that will make themselves feel successful. There are so many different people from a variety of backgrounds but they are all seeking for the same thing. Although there is a small exception of college students that have developed somewhat of a good work ethic as technology improves it is becoming easier and easier to be lazy and procrastinate. Wyatt Clegg is a student at BYU with an extremely hard work ethic. He wants to be married and have multiple children. “I want to have a family because… well you have the ability to impact someone’s life in a very great way. Compared to our really close friends we don’t impact them that much,
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Young and Restless - Joshua Singer Rosemary Lieske 3/20/12...

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