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English Expressions in Linear Algebra, Calculus of Several Variables and Ordinary Differential Equations 1. 线线线线 linear algebra 2.线线 matrix 3.线线线 determinant 4.线线线 adjoint matrix 5.线线线线线 algebraic cofactor, algebraic complement 6.线线线线 anti-symmetric matrix 7.线线线 basic solution, fundamental solution 8.线线线线 characteristic equation 9.线线线线线线线线 characteristic polynomial of a matrix 10.线线线线 coefficient matrix 11.线线线 cofactor, complementary minor 12.线线线 column matrix 13.线线线 column vector 14.线线线 constant matrix 15.线 rank 16.线线 full rank 17.线线线 diagonal matrix 18.线线线 eigenvalue 19.线线线线 characteristic vector 20.线线线线 elementary transformation 21.线线线线线 step matrix 22.线线线线线线线线线 row simplified step matrix 23.线线线线 expansion formula 24.线线线线线 expansion of a determinant 25. 线线线线线 Gaussian elimination 26.线线线线线线 input-output analysis
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English_Expressions_in_Linear_algebra - English Expressions...

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