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1 EXERCISE #6 LAB revised Sp’11 GEOLOGY 240 MATERIALS NEEDED: Calculator, ruler, colored pencils PART I. REFLECTION AND REFRACTION (LIGHTS, MIRRORS, AND FISH BOWLS) This experiment will demonstrate reflection and refraction using a fish bowl, mirrors, and laser light. Be careful with the laser light! Observe. Using the figure, draw and label the various rays you see. Indicate what part of the set- up (equipment) the ray is reflecting or refracting from (e.g., is the particular ray reflecting off the right/left mirror, or the interface?) FIGURE 1. Fish Tank Experiment.
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2 PART II. DISPERSION OF WAVES (THE GLASS PRISM) 1. After observing light passing through a prism, answer the following: a. Review Fig. 3 of Prelab – note how the angle with respect with the normal changes (due to velocity contrast). The portion of the projector beam entering the prism can be considered a ray. Which way does the ray bend upon entering the prism - toward/away from the normal? (hint – study Figs. 1 and 3 from PreLab). b. Why ? Draw this on the “triangle” on Figure 2b, next page.
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240Lab06ReflectionFall11 - EXERCISE #6 LAB revised Sp11...

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