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The Decameron Written by Giovanni Boccaccio, a collection of 100 tales. It was begin writing in 1350 and published in 1353. The Decameron is important because it documents life in 14 th century’s Italy. It is also the Epicurean attitudes towered the Plague. 3 Crop Rotation With a rotation of rye or winter wheat, followed by spring oats or barley, then letting the soil rest. It was adapted by farmers in Europe in the end of middle age till 20 th century. Stopped the crop rotation cause of the cold and wet weather. Restore or to maintain a productive soil has long been recognized by planting spring crops for livestock in place of grains for human consumption. Marco Polo Marco Polo is a Venetian traveler who traveled to the east during 1271 to 1295. Was captured in 1298 that's where he wrote the book “Il Milione”(the travels) that introduced Europeans to Asia and China. The book is important because at that time, Europeans did not have much knowledge of Asia. Through “Il Milione”, Europeans learned a lot about Asia, the unknown world to them. 1324 died. He inspired Christopher Columbus. Household Household in Middle Age is a domestic economic unit including nuclear and extended family members plus other relatives and servants. Safe haven because crime in house get punished more. {Nuclear(dad mom kids) family in north and England and extended(dad mom kids aunt uncle blah) family in the south.} Husband and wife are helpmate(were a high percent of remarriage since they need 2 nd worker) Henry VII The king of England who won the throne at the Battle of Bosworth Field and ruled though 1485 to 1509 and the first monarch of the Tudor dynasty. Won the War of the Roses between the house of Lancaster and York to solidify his power. Henry strengthened government and his own power by diluting the Noble power and tied to court and imposed heavy lordship as acts of attainder and conditional bonds. Taille The direct land tax on French non-nobles in France that began from the year1439. The tax was imposed on each household based on how much land it held. It became
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permanent when it was collected to support the army of Charles VII during the Hundred Years’ War. Shutting In Go to the bed by 8pm to 11pm. During the period of renaissance. People at night stay at home because they think going out at night is very dangerous, people that hangs at night are bad people. Carnival A holiday before Lent, six weeks before Easter and during February. Because During the forty days of Lent, all rich food and drink had to be disposed of. The consumption of this food, a big party involved the whole community. It is a religion-rooted holiday and fulfills people’s life at that time. People dressed up and changes roles(role-plays), which is very not usual. (flip of order and disorder celebration.) Spinning Party Who: Poor People-teenagers What: These were parties for poor teenagers (15-24 years old that leaves home to town to be servant) in the Renaissance. They danced and hung around for courtship.
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History_ID - The Decameron Written by Giovanni Boccaccio, a...

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