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ID who when where What Why Society of Jesus Formed by Ignatius Loyola recogniz ed by the pope in 1540 France a Catholic male religious order that follows the teachings of the Catholic church, later became protectors of Catholicism Behind expand of catholic counter Reformation Share ideas of Luther Reform catholic itself First Council of Trent Initiated by Pope Paul III. Charles V change place 1545-9 Trent, Spain Reaffirmed Catholic doctrine, calling the church as the key to salvation; good works are were necessary for salvation a key step by the Catholic itself during the Reformation; apart condemning Protestant bel heresies, it also issued decrees, answering the dema Protestants; it shows the C church as willing to change better What catholic faith is Teresa of Avila A Carmelit e nun; saint after die 1515 to 1582 Born in Avila, Spain Entered the Carmelite Convent in 1535, had visionary experiences with Jesus Christ when she turned 40, founded first monastery in 1562, and travelled around Spain to establish directions for nuns Pushed at gender and re borders; intense, personal physical fai Based on self, intensive devo Too radical for church Edict of Nantes Issued by Henry IV 1598 France dealt with Protestant and Catholic coexistence; granting rights to Huguenots; eaffirmed Catholic as the established religion; restricted Protestant’s freedom of worship to specific areas Ended the war of religio aimed to promote civil separated civil from religiou and opened a path for sec and tolerance; provided a pe peace and stability in France Grant protestants rights Tolerance ends of RE war
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Council of Troubles Duke of Alva; Philip II, King of Spain 1567 to 1574 Netherl ands =Council of Blood; A council formed to investigate and punish the religious riots in the Netherlands by the Calvinists generated much disconten Reignite the religious war Netherlands; Treaty of Westphal ia HRE, Spain, Dutch. weden) 1648 German y though the route to peace started since 1643, A series of peace treaties that initiated a new system of political order in Central Europe end the Thirty Years’ recognized the Dutch Provinces; marks the e religious warfare and show religious toleration; map from treaties remained till 17 Galileo physicist, mathemati cian, astronome r and philosophe r; professor at Pisa and Padua 1564 to 1642 Italy Improves the telescope in 1609; support for heliocentrism; observe moon and moons of Jupiter and Write “The Starry Messenger”
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IDfrom547 - ID who Society Formed of Jesus by Ignatius...

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