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Society of Jesus Who: formed by Ignatius Loyola, members called Jesuits Where: France When: Formed in 15 August 1534, recognized by the pope in 27 September 1540 What: a Catholic male religious order that follows the teachings of the Catholic church, later became protectors of Catholicism Significance: helps the expansion of the Catholic church during the counter Reformation by focusing on education, thus showing Catholicism as a religion that helps people, and by training better priests and clergy, which prevents corruption of the ideas in the Scripture First Council of Trent Who: Initiated by Pope Paul III, consists of a commission of cardinals Where: initially proposed as Mantua, but under pressure from Charles V, changed to Trent When: 13 December 1545 to 17 September 1549 What: Reaffirmed Catholic doctrine, calling the church as the key to salvation; sacraments were required, even if not in Scripture, and good works are were necessary for salvation Significance: Marked a key step by the Catholic church itself during the counter Reformation; apart from condemning Protestant beliefs as heresies, it also issued reform decrees, answering the demands by Protestants; it shows the Catholic church as willing to change for the better Teresa of Avila Who: A Carmelite nun and writer of the counter Reformation who is beautified after her death and becomes a saint Where: Born in Avila, Spain, and travels were mainly limited to Spain When: 28 March 1515 to 4 October 1582 What: Entered the Carmelite Convent in 1535, had visionary experiences with Jesus
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IDs--_Society_of_Jesus_to_The_Hammer_of_Witches - Society...

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