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EE 101 Homework 2: DUE OCTOBER 19 TH Wednesday 2PM; (THERE WILL BE A COLLECTION CABINET MARK “EE101” IN ROOM 67-112 ON THE 6 TH FLOOR OF ENGR IV.) 1. Three point charges, each with q=3 nC, are located at the corners of a triangle in the x-y plane, with one corner at the origin, another at (2cm, 0, 0), and the third at (0, 2cm, 0). Please find the force acting on the charge located at the origin. 2. A line of charge with uniform density ρ l =1( μ C/m) exists in air along the z -axis between z= 0 and z= 5 cm. Find ° at (0, 10 cm, 0)? 3. A circular ring of charge of radius a lies in the x-y plane and is centered at the origin. If the ring is in air and carries a uniform charge density of Please show that the electric potential at (0, 0, z) is given by
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