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Inside Hurricane Katrina: Film 10/23/07 Baton Rouge, Louisiana 2004 – “Hurricane Ann” war game, plan created 13 months later… Miami – Hurricane conditions possible Lead time – time to gather supplies, food Category 1 Hurricane – damage trees, houses, power lines HK becomes Category 2, growing into a 3- winds 130 mph FEMA- strategizes with state on big picture plans, extra support No reports, just “alert mode” Friday night: Prediction that HK will hit Buras, Louisiana (accurate) *Tell surrounding areas to evacuate before New Orleans traffic clogs highways Saturday, August 27 th 2005 – HK due Monday morning 20% of city without personal transportation, many dependent on welfare Poverty rate 23%, one of the highest murder rates
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Unformatted text preview: “Have no where to go” 7 pm: HK Category 3, becoming 4 or 5- expanding rapidly, 12 ft waves Sunday- 12:40 am: HK becomes Category 5, just like Hurricane Pam scenario Mayor announces mandatory evacuation of city- never been done before-Too many people w/o vehicles/$, need “refuge of last resort” – Superdome 10:11 am: Apocalyptic warning - ½ homes will be uninhabitable, people/pets exposed will die, walls/roofs/windows will fail , etc Monday, August 29 th , 2005 4:00 am: storm surge of 14-17 ft towards coast, loss of electricity 6:10 am: 60 mi SE of New Orleans, storm surge up “Funnel” (Mississippi river) 10 am: 12ft above sea level- city is going underwater New Orleans- levees slowly sinking, in need of repair; largest system of dams/levees- streets normally 6 ft below sea level *Hurricanes draw power from warm (80 degree+) water- fuel...
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