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The Adverse Effects Of Diabetes Drug

The Adverse Effects Of Diabetes Drug - Diabetes Drugs The...

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Diabetes Drugs – The Adverse effects of Diabetes Drugs Eastern Michigan University ENG 121 Diabetes Drugs – The Adverse Effects of Diabetes Drugs Although, many medications and/or drugs go through the approval process, not all of these medications are approved. In fact research shows that only 20 drugs were approved so far
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in this month, many are still under revision and some need a manufacturer change or addition. (Original Abbreviated New Drug Application (ANDA) Approval, 2010.) It has also been known that of the approved drugs, many have common and adverse side effects. Since I am not looking at all drugs in general, I will be making and reporting my observations of adverse effects of Diabetes Drugs. I am hoping that I would be able to know why the FDA approves medications/drugs with side effects by researching one aspect of a disease. I will mostly be using Google scholar (American Diabetes Association – Diabetes care, 2006) and occasionally I will use the EMU find text. I found this source most useful and I chose it because it explains almost everything I need to know about the study of Diabetes. I know that Diabetes is a chronic (lifelong) disease which results from high blood sugar; it has always been drawn into my life because I liked anything that has sugar. Because of that, my doctor has warned me about the risk of being diabetic. I know that the symptoms are fatigue, weight loss, hunger and excessive urination. Also, my dad (Dr. Peter) is a pharmacist, he knows everything about medications and what kind of drug to use when any type of illness occurs. I have experienced working with Dr. Peter so I know some medications for diabetes like insulin, diabetes health pack which provides nutritional support for people with diabetes - and many others. I also know that most of these medications sometimes have common side effects and, other times, adverse side effects. According to 2001 data from the United States National Center for Health Statistics, Diabetes is the No. 6 leading causes of death. Therefore, for this research, I would like to find out the side effects of Diabetes drugs because of the statistics of Diabetes and I would also like to find out the different types of diabetes drugs that are out there. I know a few like I mentioned above but I still do not quite know every aspect of it. This is very important to me because I am
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