Ch 1 Bio - Introductory Biology BIOS 10161 Fall 2006...

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Chapt er 1, page 1 Introductory Biology BIOS 10161 Fall 2006 Instructor: Joseph E. O'Tousa Galvin Life Sciences Rm. 262 Email: Lecture Time and Place: MWF, 12:50-1:40 PM, JORDAN 101. Midterm Exams: 8:00-9:15 AM, DEBARTOLO 101. (Exam dates indicated on right side of syllabus.) Required Text:Life the Science of Biology 8th edition, Purves et al., 2007. Required for laboratory: Writing Papers in the Biological Sciences 2006 (4th ed.) by Victoria McMillan Study guide (recommended only). Both are bundled with the textbook at ND bookstore. Other materials, including lecture handouts that should be printed and used during lectures, will be posted the Concourse server.
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Chapt er 1, page 2 BIOS 10161 Information Sheet - Fall Semester 2008 Office Hours J. O'Tousa Drop-in hours: 10:00 - 11:30 AM Tu; 3:30 - 5:00 PM Th Other Times by Arrangement - set up by email ( or phone (x1-6093) Class Grading and Exam Management Policies: 95% of Grade is based on the midterm and final exam scores: Midterm 1 (Thurs, Sept. 25): 20% Midterm 2 (Thurs, Oct. 9): 20% Midterm 3 (Thurs, Nov. 20): 20% Final Exam (Mon, Dec. 15): 35% 1) All midterm exams are given in DeBartolo 101 starting at 8:00 AM and ending by 9:15 AM. (Final exam is in Jordan 100) (2) The final exam will have two parts: the first will cover the last quarter of the course materi- al, the second is cumulative, covering material of the entire semester, and worth 15% of your grade. (3) No makeups will be scheduled for anyone who misses an exam without advance notice giv- en, and makeups will only be scheduled for extraordinary reasons. (4) The majority of exam material is covered both in class and in the book.
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Ch 1 Bio - Introductory Biology BIOS 10161 Fall 2006...

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