LFIT 104.007 - Exercise and Conditioning SYLLABUS REVISED

LFIT 104.007 - Exercise and Conditioning SYLLABUS REVISED -...

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Lifetime Fitness Exercise and Conditioning LFIT 104-007, Spring 2012 Instructors: Dangaia Sims Mailbox: Woollen Gym 215B Email: dasims@live.unc.edu Time and Location: One hour, twice a week 1 st Day meeting = Fetzer Hall Gym A Activity Space = Hooker Fields Lab Space = Fetzer Hall Gym B Purpose of the Course: To gain the knowledge and skills necessary to develop a lasting interest in lifetime participation and to increase the student’s level of physical fitness and knowledge of life-long health. Students will be able to describe the physical, psychological, and socio-cultural factors and human behaviors that influence human well-being and affect the major health problems of our society; understand the components of health-related physical fitness and their relationship to personal health and well-being; and develop and enhance physical fitness or lifetime sport psychomotor skills. Course Requirements Required Material: 1. Lifetime Fitness Lab Manual: The Tar Heel’s Guide to a Healthy and Active Lifestyle . 2. EXSS/NASM presentations accessed online Course Fee : There is a $40.00 fee that will cover the cost of the lab manual, and lab fees. If you drop your LFIT course before January 23, 2012 you may receive a refund. Email amcculle@email.unc.edu to facilitate this process. We will not be checking to see who has dropped. Requests after this date will not be honored. Grading Scale: A 93.0-100% A- 90.0-92.9% B+ 87.0-89.9% B 83.0-86.9% B- 80.0-82.9% C+ 77.0-79.9% C 73.0-76.9% C- 70.0-72.9% D+ 67.0-69.9% D 60.0-66.9% F < 60.0% Grading criteria: Lab assignments (5) 20% Students will be required to attend and complete all 5 lab assignments
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This note was uploaded on 03/29/2012 for the course LFIT 104 taught by Professor Humphries during the Spring '08 term at UNC.

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LFIT 104.007 - Exercise and Conditioning SYLLABUS REVISED -...

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