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1) Intro - high rate inside the patient How does natural...

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BIO 370 Mark Kirkpatrick, Instructor p. 1 1. INTRODUCTION TO EVOLUTION What is evolution? Biological evolution: An inherited change in a group of organisms through time Evolution is a fact ... and also a theory What do we want to know about evolution? We want to explain everything about why life is the way it is! Some basic questions: How and why species change in time How and why biodiversity changes in time Why organisms seem so well fit to their environment Evolution in action: the HIV epidemic What are HIV and AIDS? Why does AZT treatment become ineffective after a few years? The virus evolves at an extremely
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Unformatted text preview: high rate, inside the patient How does natural selection work in HIV evolution? Random mutations occur at every position in the viral genome One or two of these happen to interfere with AZT metabolism Those virus that carry these mutations survive AZT treatment Where did HIV come from? Analysis of genetic similarity between human HIV and similar primate viruses suggests it moved from chimpansees to humans in the 1930s Do human populations vary in resistance to HIV? The CCR5 resistance mutation seems to be hundreds of years old This allele may have spread during an earlier epidemic of another virus...
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