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1. Sketch a just-fertilized C. elegans egg at the single cell stage. Indicate that following components: sperm binding site, centrosme, anterior, posterior. What type of cleavage will it undergo? ---Sketch should show sperm at future posterior of eggs (which is dictated by the centrosome from the sperm). 2. Sketch the same egg as above - but this egg is derived from a Par-2 null mutant mother. Can you predict the future anterior and posterior regions? Why or why not? ---Sketch should show sperm binding site and centrosome - but Par-2 mutants are symmetrical with no anterior or posterior axis. So you could not label these regions. 3. Which of the following crosses with an organism containing a standard recessive mutant allele in a hypothetical maternal effects gene called Maternal would result in an embryonic phenotype? Here, '-' refers to the mutant allele while '+' is the wild-type allele. a) Mat +/- eggs
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2011_Questions_Week_3_Answers (1) - 1 Sketch a...

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