AUG30 - Today's Mission History of evolutionary biology...

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Today's Mission History of evolutionary biology evidence for Darwin's theory Greeks Plato (~400BC) along with Aristotle, mainly Plato talked about unchanging “types” was no change in living organism through time every species there is an idealized form to that species each living individual is a copy of the idealized form there is no representative individual – darwin's first talks bout variation Aristotle (~350) “Great Chain of Being” simple organism to the most complex Sponges → humans with stuff inbtw Carl Linaeus Swedish, 1708 – 1788 gave every species a latin name developed modern system for classifying life into a set of nested categories 2 unrelated kinds of birds with same name but differs in each country linnean System Kingdom, phylum, class order, family, genus, species help what darwin needed to help see what Darwin needed to see Birth of geology The term evo hasn't been invented. ... fundamental for the foundation for evolutionary biology James hutton (1726 - 1797) Sedimentary rocks earth is very old Because of the type of layers. .. earth = damn old Charles Lyell (1797-1875) founder of geology said natural laws are observable differen't times == different rules applied. .. as people thot. . but NOW he said the laws are unchanging Jean Baptiste Lamarck French (1744 – 1829) proposed mechanism (wrong) of change through time a testable theory of evolutionary change Theory use of giraffes environmental change generates new needs
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AUG30 - Today's Mission History of evolutionary biology...

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