Lecture 2 - Lecture 2 Evolution History and evidence Plato...

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Lecture 2 Evolution: History and evidence Plato – 400BC - unchanging types : A type is a good representative of a species Aristotle-350 BC Plato’s student -1 st person to try to organize life -Great Chain of being Humans higher Monkeys Rodents Plants Snails Sponges lower Carl Linnaeus -Swedish 1708-1788 -Gave every species a Latin name (ex. Homa sapiens) A name everyone in the world can agree on…Common scientific language -The Linnean System Kingdom Animalia Phylum Chordata Classes Mammals Orders Primata Family Hominidae Genus Homo Species Sapiens 100 years before Darwin There was no such word of biology geology etc. Before biology there was geology Birth of Geology James Hutton (1726-1797) - Sedimentary rocks earth is very old realized the bands of rock Charles Lyell (1797-1875) -Natural laws observable and unchanging No moment of creation in which the laws of physics are different from today Jean Baptise Lamarck -French 1744-1829 -Proposed a testable theory of evolutionary change Proposed species evolved (how) -Lamarck’s Theory: Inheritance of acquired characters Environmental change generates new needs Used organd enlarge, disused organs shrink
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Change in organs within the lifetime are inherited in the next generation Girrafe example Charles Darwin -English 1809-1882 Darwin was born when Abraham Lincoln was born
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Lecture 2 - Lecture 2 Evolution History and evidence Plato...

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