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p. 1 EVOLUTION (Bio 370) PRACTICE MIDTERM QUESTIONS Directions for the exam: • Write your name on all pages of the answer sheet. • Answer all questions in ink on the answer sheet, using only the space provided. • Return this test with your answer sheet. • By taking this exam, you are agreeing that you will not discuss it with anyone who has not yet taken it. { There will be 12 to 15 questions like these on the real midterm. } Most of these questions can be answered by one phrase or short sentence. 1. State one major concept contributed to evolutionary biology by each of the following people. [2 points each] a) Carl Linnaeus b) Sewell Wright c) Aristotle 2. What is an example of natural selection that was demonstrated using a controlled experiment?
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Unformatted text preview: Please briefly state the organism, the trait under selection, and how the experiment manipulated the system. [4 points] 3. How can there be selection without evolution? [2 points] 4. What is the major conclusion from the replicate plate experiment? [4 points] 5. What explanation did Darwin give for the existence of vestigial organs (like hip bones in whales)? -------------------------------------------------------------- Helpful advice : If a question asks for an experiment or an observation or some data, answer with a real example (or observation or data), not a hypothetical one. If a question asks for a definition, give a definition and not an example....
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