Sept_1 - 6) Convergent evolution and analogous structures...

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6) Convergent evolution and analogous structures similarly result from response to similar response pressure different from homology (not shared ancestors) Analogous structures similar because of convergent evolution, not homology example: eyes of vertebrates and octopuses animal ancestors between vertebrates and octopuses split eyes independently evolved because of similar pressures example: in desert milkweed/cactus/spurge made the roots/ trunks better for water storage Convergence between marsupial and placental mammals independently evolved many species cat anteaters mice flying squirrels wolfs all those animals with similar features because of converging evolution despite ancestors are different (7) evidence we can often find transitional stages in the evoultion of complex organs look in different species u can see the interemediate steps of the evolution of complex organs The transitional of the eye: some have no lens others have lens but no pupil basically in each step, evolution could have favored each advantages development in order for the final product of the eye (8) Evidence geological distributions (in chp. 3) – animals on same continents usually more similar than on other continents eX: Ratites- birds in different continents (diversion) – fav bird – can kill can actively kill humans. ... lives in rainforests of NE austrailia. . cassawary lungfish – 3 species alive(africa,australia, south america) not able to tolerate salt water but they live on 3 separated continents by lots of salt water and not in other connected such as asia (connected to africa) etc
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Sept_1 - 6) Convergent evolution and analogous structures...

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