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Han Yu Hy2645 Thursday 3-4 pm Short Term Evolution of Reduced Dispersal in Island Plant Populations Summary: Nine common species of anemochorous Asteraceae who have lost their ability to disperse, thus change environments are the perfect study of evolution in a closed environment of the islands, Barkley Sound, in which they inhabit. After eight years, shifts in the plants morphology can be clearly seen to fit the suitable habitat in which it is found. Questions:
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Since my background in statistics is not very strong, what is the probable variance is seen after the decade of letting the species grow and the relation to the heritability of the plants with a observable difference in morphology? 2. Because there is an increase in number of populations, what is possibility of a new species being brought out and its characteristics compared to the populations near it in relation to is environment?...
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