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1AA3-2012 Recommended practice questions-Ch26-for_Test_2

1AA3-2012 Recommended practice questions-Ch26-for_Test_2 -...

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Recommended Practice Questions from Ch 26, Petrucci (9 th edition) or Ch 26&27, 10 th edition. This is a set of questions designed to provide practice on the material included in Test 2. A full set of problems for the entire organic chemistry topic will be posted later in March. The following questions are recommended practice questions. If you are curious about the answer or full solution for a given question, please post your question in the “Chapter 26 & 27” folder in the Avenue bulletin board and indicate with which part you need help, or come in to an instructor office hour or the help centre to see the full solutions manual. Please note that for multi-part questions not all parts are recommended. Also, not all sections of Ch 26 are included in our course information sheet! Concept assessments & Practice Examples The first recommendation is to complete all of the concept assessments and practice examples from the sections we discuss in Chapter 26. Then, in addition, work on the end-of- chapter questions listed below. End of Chapter Questions: 10 th edition Organic Structures: 1, 2(a), 3(a), 4, 5
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