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1aa3-2012-review-tut-q - CHEM 1AA3 REVIEW TUTORIAL January...

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CHEM 1AA3 REVIEW TUTORIAL January 5-6, 2012 QUESTIONS ________________________________________________________________________ Page 1 of 2 1. Lewis structures and resonance. For each of the following: (i) Write Lewis structures (charge-minimized); include formal charges in the structure. (ii) Include resonance structures where possible. (iii) Give the VSEPR class at each central atom; name the shape about each central atom; list all bond angles. (a) SO 4 2 (b) NO 3 (c) ClO 4 (d) CH 4 (e) NH 3 (f) formaldehyde (H 2 CO, C central atom, all atoms bonded to C) (g) methanol (CH 3 OH, 3 H bonded to C, O bonded to C, 1 H bonded to O) 2. Equilibria. Write equilibrium constant expressions in the form of K c for each of the following. For equilibria involving gas-phase species, also write a K p expression. (Recall that pure liquids and solids are not included in K expressions!). (a) CO(g) + ½ O 2 (g) CO 2 (g) (b) CO 3 2 (aq) + H 2 O(l) HCO 3 (aq) + OH (aq) For this equilibrium, describe the effect of adding NaOH(aq). (c) C(graphite) + 2 H 2 (g) CH 4 (g) Acids and Bases: 3. (a) Give the definition of a Brønsted-Lowry acid and a Brønsted-Lowry base.
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