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CSE 110 Laboratory Assignment 2 You may turn in your completed assignment to your lab TA at the end of today’s lab, or you may hand it in through e-mail by 11:59 PM on Sunday, February 19 (see the course Web page for the proper e-mail address for your lab section). Be sure to include your name and lab section information (day and time) on your paper! In Friday's class, we discussed Boolean logic and how we can combine AND, OR, XOR, and NOT gates to produce sophisticated circuits. Today's lab will test your understanding of these concepts by asking you to sketch circuit diagrams for several simple tasks that are potentially useful for a computer. You will also use a truth table to analyze a simple circuit. 1. Assume that you have a three-bit input that represents a two’s complement number. You have a fourth input line that always has the value 1. Draw a logic circuit that returns TRUE if the three-bit input represents a negative number in two’s complement notation, and FALSE otherwise. Be sure to label which of the three bits represents the
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