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Names in group: Disc. Time: Assignment due in discussion section Week 7; 10/3-10/7. Group Research Project – Hypothesis and Methods Please answer each of the questions below in as MUCH detail as possible. If the question does not apply to your study, write “N/A” in the designed space. Make sure to number/label your answers if you need to use more pages. Please TYPE your responses on this Word form and print it out to turn in. 1. Animal species (Common and Scientific name): 2. Behavior: 3. Hypothesis: 4. Justification for your hypothesis (here you explain why it is plausible to have the hypothesis you proposed): 5. Method(s): State which observational method(s) (as specified in Lehner and your
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Unformatted text preview: text) you will use . 6. Variable(s) to be measured and type of measurement (frequency, period of time, distance traveled, etc): 7. Study site (should be as close of a natural environment as possible): 8. How are you going to divide up the periods of observation? (You are required to do 10 hours of observation, but we strongly suggest that you divide this time up into smaller chunks.) 9. What equipment (if any) will you be using for the observations? (e.g., thermometer, stopwatch, binoculars) 10. On the back, please draw an example of a graph you might use to present your data. Consider what your data would have to look like to reject your hypotheses....
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