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Dr B Recs - Brian Pham EDP 363 12:30pm-2:00pm Dr...

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Brian Pham 3/8/2012 EDP 363 12:30pm-2:00pm Dr. Brownstein’s Recommendations 1. Love/sex is a gift; not something you owe someone or they owe you. I agree with this statement and what was used in class as an example. If guys treat girls out to a dinner and a movie, then they shouldn’t expect something back in return, especially sex. Girls should only give back or show their affection for guys when and if they want to. 2. Your orgasm is your privilege to have or not have, generated mostly by your mind plus some appropriate friction. If someone assists you in this friction, think of it as a gift not an owing. I also agree with this recommendation. The choice should be left up to the partner whether they want to assist or not to assist in helping one’s self reach an orgasm. Nothing should be an “owing” or requirement if one or the other has an orgasm. A girl or guy can be assisted if mutually agreed upon for the pleasure of both.
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