Spring Syllabus 12 - COURSE SYLLABUS: EDP 363 HUMAN...

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COURSE SYLLABUS: EDP 363 HUMAN SEXUALITY AND RELATIONSHIPS Spring 2012 Thank you for choosing to take this class. I hope you both enjoy it and learn things that will be useful in your life and relationships. Instructor: Dr. Larry Brownstein Office: SZB 252E Office Hours: By appointment Larry.Brownstein@mail.utexas.edu Students are welcome to make appointments with Dr. Brownstein. Appointments may be made with him before or after any class. _____________________________________________________________________ Teaching Assistants: to be announced on the first day of class. Students may call or make appointments with their appropriate T.A. before or after class. Textbook: Crooks and Baur. Our Sexuality. 11 h Edition; used or new copies of editions 10 or 9 are also acceptable. Overview Human Sexuality and loving relationships will be taught from a psychological perspective with attention to the physiological, emotional and relationship dimensions of sexuality. Course goals are to present factual information and to promote scholarly examination of social and personal factors in sexual expression. We are operating on the assumption that sex and relationships are appropriate topics of study and that our psychological understanding will be enhanced by reading about, thinking about, and talking about all aspects of human sexuality. While you may be asked to express opinions on various sexual topics, your personal sexual history, sexual experiences, or preferences will not be topics for class discussions. Virtually everyone will feel some self-consciousness and discomfort with some of the subject matter, but this usually gets better fairly quickly. However, if you do not share our belief that it is appropriate and worthwhile to study and discuss sexual issues, then the course is probably not for you. Attendance
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Spring Syllabus 12 - COURSE SYLLABUS: EDP 363 HUMAN...

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