Homelessness in America Presentation

Homelessness in America Presentation - Summary of...

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Summary of Homelessness in America Presentation Is homelessness a social problem? For something to be considered a social problem it has to meet certain criteria. It must be defined as incompatible with the desired quality of life. Homelessness falls into this definition easily; the desired quality of life does not include not having a place to call home. It must also caused by many different factors. Currently some of the largest contributing factors of homelessness include lack of affordable housing, lack of affordable healthcare, and lack of jobs with decent wages. Lastly a social problem must require social action to be resolved. Homeless obviously requires social action if it is to be resolved; homeless people are homeless because of a lack to be self-providing. Efforts are being made to resolve this problem and in some cases, progress is being made. When looking at national numbers, you will find that 3.5 million people in the United States currently experience homelessness in a given year. Each week, 842,000
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Homelessness in America Presentation - Summary of...

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