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samesexmarriage - Same sex marriage has been one of the...

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Same sex marriage has been one of the most controversial issue for many years. We know that same sex marriage is marriage between two people who have the same sex. Lots of people who are homosexuals(gays, lesbians) are aware that they are not taken seriously by the most countries because it seems unnatural for the people mostly. Most countries have laws about homosexuals and these laws have been still rearranged by the governers by reason of gays’ or lesbians’ objections and protest against the laws. There are even laws which gives death penalty if anyone has an inclination for having same sex relationship. In this century, same sex marriage should not be allowed because ‘they’ are minority in social rights. There are lots of reasons for marriage between people who have same sex. First and the most important of them is having a baby. Having a baby is impossible by the biological way so homosexuals are getting married in order to have baby by adopting them so marriage is the legal requirement for having a baby. Adoption should not be allowed to the homosexuals because it
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