P125-F-w02 - UnJ~tyoi Waterloo , U Diversity of Waterloo...

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Unformatted text preview: UnJ~tyoi Waterloo , U Diversity of Waterloo Final Examination Winter TERM 2002 (TemI) (Year) iNSTRUcnONS: PART A: 6 multiple-choice questions word1 S InarkB each I OUESTION GRADE , 8 a) ANSWER CARDS Wll.L BE COLLBCI'ED AT 11 :30 a.m. b) Mark. your card in dark pencil. Avoid a'asurcs by checking IDIWas before marking them. EntrI: ~ ID# and the "K. ~tion" indicated above in the spaces provided. c) AnEMPT AU. QUESTIONS - there is no penalty for inco~t 1nSW0'S. However, credit may be denied if appropriate worlt is not shown in the space below the qu~tions in this booklet. d) Numba:s in queltions may be takm as ~ to as many figures as you wish. but answers are rounded. 80 pick the closest one. 9 10 IJ PART B: 6 qUC8tions worth 12 marks ~h for. total of 102. 12 Partial credit is given for a correct approach provided you show clearly what you are doing. TOTAL Diagrams are Dot to seale. USEFUL INFORMA nON: I c 9.8 m/il c=3.00x IO'mls I cV-I.6x loot'} m,-I.67x 10-27 kg v-JBTP DCIIaity of air = 1.29 kg/m3 Hearing threshold Io - 10.12 W /m2 hc = 1240 eV.nm h = 6.63 X 10-34 J.. me-9.11 X 10-31 kg e= 1.6x 10-19C-136 E. - -+- eV (Bohr ~ry for h)'dro&=) n co . Ru-1.09737x10'm-1 .' \,~ B = bulk rnodulus p - dcnsity Area of &pbe - 41tR2 Velocity of sound in air V = 340 mil Page 2 of 10 Physics 125 Final Examination Two springs, each with unstretched length 0.200 m but with different force constants kl and k2 are attached to opposite ends of a block of mass m on a level frictionless surface. The outer ends of the springs are now attached to two pins PI and P2 0.1 m fi'om the original positions of the end of the springs. Let k. = 2.00 N/m and k2 - 6.00 N/m. and m = 0.100 kg. At equilibrium how far fi'om PI will the left face of~~ ~ Answer in m. (8) .20 (b) .IS (c) .1 (d) .05 (e) none of them ~J 'fa. 2. Two sound soun;es emit sound waves in phase of wavelength 1... They are placed y" I.. apart at an equal distance from the center of the circle. The circle has a radius of R ~ % 1... If the power of each source is P which equation descn"bcs the intensity at point "B" in tcnns ofP and I..?...
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This note was uploaded on 04/01/2012 for the course PHYS 125 taught by Professor Mohamed during the Spring '08 term at Waterloo.

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P125-F-w02 - UnJ~tyoi Waterloo , U Diversity of Waterloo...

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