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Surname ____________________________ Given Name_________________ UW ID Number_________________ 1 GROUP “A” Friday, October 14, 12:30 – 1:10 p.m., RCH-305. Tutorial Quiz, MSci 261 Engineering Economics Fall 2011 Department of Management Sciences, Faculty of Engineering Instructor : David Fuller Aids Permitted : Non-communicating calculators only (No cell phones, PDAs or computers). Formula sheet and interest tables are attached (detach them if you wish, as they need not be turned in). Time available : 40 minutes. Instructions: Write in the spaces provided. If you need more space, use the blank page 7 or the back of a page, but be sure to write a note to the marker to indicate where your answer continues. This quiz has 10 pages, with 5 questions on pages 3 to 6, plus an extra blank page for your work, two pages of interest tables, and a formula sheet; check to make sure no pages are missing. Please put your name and UW ID number on this cover page, and UW ID number on every page. Show your work. Be sure to read the whole of each question and answer all parts. Two questions ask you to “write an expression involving the above data, and interest factor symbols.” Here is a list of allowed interest factor symbols for these expressions: (F/P,i,N), (P/F,i,N), (A/F,i,N), (F/A,i,N), (A/P,i,N), (P/A,i,N), (A/G,i,N)
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This note was uploaded on 04/01/2012 for the course MSCI 261 taught by Professor Bonkoo during the Winter '09 term at Waterloo.

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F11-TutQuiz_261-Group-A - Surname _ Given Name_ UW ID...

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