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1 DEPARTMENT OF MANAGEMENT SCIENCES Faculty of Engineering, University of Waterloo WINTER 2012 MSci 261 Engineering Economics: Financial Management for Engineers Sections 001 (1B Management) and 002 (1B Mechanical) N.B.: for section 003 (3B Mechatronics), please consult outline by Prof. Bonwoo Koo. Instructor, Office, Phone, E-mail : David Fuller, CPH 4350, 519.888.4567 ext. 32683 , [email protected] Lectures: Section.Time. Room Management Engineering (001) 10:30-11:20 MWF RCH 110 Mechanical Engineering (002) 08:30-09:20 MWF EIT 1015 Makeup Lectures: (due to midterms) Management Engineering (001) 03:30-04:20 M DWE 2527 Every 2 nd week, starting Jan. 16 Mechanical Engineering (002) 03:30-04:20 Th RCH 301 Every 2 nd week, starting Jan. 19 Tutorials: Section.Time. Room Management Engineering (001) 01:30-02:20 Th DWE 2527 Mechanical Engineering (002) 11:30-12:20 Th RCH 301 Teaching Assistants: Name.Room.E-mail Management Engineering (001) Behrooz Golzarpoor [email protected] Mechanical Engineering (002) Milad Soroush [email protected] Office Hours: not regularly scheduled; please arrange for appointments with the instructor or a TA, by e-mail; allow one day for a reply to your e-mail. Required Text: "Global Engineering Economics " (4th ed.) by Fraser, Bernhardt, Jewkes & Tajima Web Page: LEARN: http://learn.uwaterloo.ca (Look here for some notes by the professor, lecture & tutorial examples, assignments, solutions, marks and announcements) Course Description: Introductory Finance: time value of money, cash flow analysis. Investment evaluation methods: present worth, annual worth and internal rate of return. Depreciation models and asset replacement analysis. The impact of inflation, taxation, uncertainty and risk on investment decisions. Course Objectives: Successful students will learn the following knowledge and skills, at an introductory level: - basic financial calculations, useful in personal life and business - financial analysis of investments, by several methods, including present worth, and internal rate of return - financial analysis of investment decisions about replacement of machinery and equipment
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