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header - that this is my/our original work and all member(s...

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/******************************************************************* Names: ID Numbers: UW Email Addresses: Assignment: Date: Lab Day: ******************************************************************* Acknowledgements of help or assistance from classmates, other knowledgeable people, books or non-course websites: ******************************************************************* I/We declare that except for: the assistance noted above, assistance provided on the course website, and material provided by the instructor and/or TAs
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Unformatted text preview: that this is my/our original work and all member(s) of the team contributed significantly to the development of the program(s). I/We have neither given nor received an electronic or printed version of any part of this code to/from anyone. I/We declare that any program output submitted as part of the assignment was generated by the program code submitted and not altered in any way. SIGNATURES: *******************************************************************/...
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