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ProjectProposal - GENE 121 Course Project Proposal Winter...

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GENE 121 Course Project Proposal Winter 2012 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This project will be completed in groups with a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 4 students. Starting on Friday, March 2 you should have one of your group members sign out a Lego kit box. Bring the GENE 121 Course Project Sign Out Sheet with the signatures of all group members. All students in the group will be responsible for the parts in the robot kit. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Project Information If you use an idea for your mechanical design and/or computer code from another source, you must acknowledge it. Clearly indicate which parts of the project are designed / authored by others, and which parts are designed / authored by group members. Marks will be assigned based on the part of the design that is the group ’s original work. Your design should involve: A mechanical re-design of some part or all of the robot (e.g. a sophisticated bumper or steering mechanism) and/or an additional mechanical component (e.g. mechanical arm); The robot should look
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