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DQ1 People often come across research in everyday life or are curious about a topic and decide to conduct their own research. Identify a time you wanted to research something and explain how you performed the research and what you learned as a result. How can you apply this experience to your own academic research? I feel like since my son was diagnosis with Asperger's the beginning of this school system I have been doing my own extensive research. I have had to completely redo how my whole life works. I was completely last minute and unorganized and that did not work anymore for this huge research phase I had ahead of me. I thought of how I always did folders for research papers and that was the start of my son's one of my folders. His main is his binder that contains all medical, school, testing, and professional recommendations. I also at the same time have been researching if public school is the best for him for kindergarten because of the adverse reactions he was having. So many mothers with children on the Autism spectrum were trying to tell me I should home school him, but I went to both public and home school and I am very bias against home schooling. To give it a fair chance though I started to do research on the special need aspect of it as I did my last paper since I picked the topic of education. I finally came to the conclusion that we did not make enough money to be one of those great success stories bragging how much better off their special needs child was being home schooled. I am neither religious, community involved, or above the poverty line. The research I was finding showed the families praising their child’s growth with home schooling were most if not all of those. I already know from that experience organization is the best when it comes to
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research. I will use a binder on my academic research like I did in my example. I will also keep an open mind until the research shows me what way the experts support and the data proves like my it did with my son and keeping him in public school. DQ2 To choose a topic you may identify potential topics, narrow the topic, conducting preliminary research, and exploring the topic in writing. In reviewing Ch. 11, Section 2 of Writing for Success I was offered suggestions for my topic. First and for most I wanted to take my time in picking it. I want it to me challenging and something I am interesting in. It needs to be a top that can fulfill the research requirements and reach a wide audience. When given a list to choose off of look for a subject of interest because it is important to identify potential topic ideas. Start asking yourself an asorted list of questions about the topic like what about the topic interest you and what do you want to know about it. As I was going through the home work the first time I had a thought in the back of my head of another topic that I knew was a potential topic.
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COM156DQ - DQ1 People often come across research in...

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