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DQ 4 Traditional media is quickly becoming ran by social media. When I say social media I am referring to media you see being linked to social media sites or being summed up on blogs or social media sites. The advantages traditional sites offer are the journalist that write for them follow a code of ethics that ensure you the information you read have a high amount of reliability to it. On the other hand when looking to the social media side of news you are more apt to being able to get more diverse opinion of the news without
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Unformatted text preview: any worry of any backlash of a job or political party, a complete freedom of speech. Traditional news cost money and they cost a lot of money to run so there is a demand for high rating stories. At times that can leave the smaller but still valuable news worthy stories not being covered. That is where social media coverage with blogs comes in handy where they can pick up such smaller stories and run ones that traditional media might over look. DQ...
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