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Jessica Blocker Appendix E COM/156 Version 5 1 Associate Program Material Appendix E Strategies for Gathering and Evaluating Sources Source What makes the source credible or what does not make it credible? Consider the following when addressing the source: Explain in at least two to four sentences what information you can gather from this source? Source name FEDERAL HATE CRIM E LAWS AND UNITED STATES v. LOPEZ: ON A COLLISION COURSE TO CLARIFY JURISDICTIONAL- ELEMENT ANALYSIS. University of Pennsylvania Law Review ; Dec2008, Vol. 157 Issue 2, p617-672, 56p The University of Pennsylvania Law School reports that the author attained a highly coveted clerkship for the U.S. Supreme Justice. The article is peer reviewed and current. Being that [Eliminate wordiness: ask how the same thing could be said in fewer words.] Because the author was the [Check use of articles (a, an, the) -- incorrect] a clerk for the a U.S. Supreme Court Justice, he would be in the perfect position [Word choice. Can you think of a better word choice that is appropriate for academic writing?] to discuss the legislations legislation on hate crime in the U.S. and the cases that sparked the bills. It is a secondary source. This article gives me [Avoid using first person in academic communication.] a brief background into the major cases like Byrd, Shepard, and Jena 6 that sparked fire in our nation for [What are you saying here? What do you mean specifically when you say “fire in our nation”? Avoid using colloquial language that may not translate well for academic communication.] federal hate crime laws and clarification. It gives a complete break down of the Matthew Shepard Act, which President Obama signed into law in October 2009. The act brought up the heated topics of stricter punishment for hate crimes. It goes into detail to what extents the prongs of the bill’s jurisdictions can reach. [Awkward and vague phrasing— rewrite for greater clarity.] How does the information from this source answer your research question?
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Jessica Blocker Appendix E COM/156 Version 5 2 Source name Psychological Perspectives on Hate Crime Laws.
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COM156Week2 - Jessica Blocker Appendix E COM/156 Version 5...

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