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Jessica Blocker HUM/176 Breaking Bad released in 2008 main character is a over qualified high school chemistry teacher named Walter White, who at 49 is told that he has terminal stage of lung cancer. The irony of it all is he has never smoked a cigarette in his whole life. His 40-year-old wife, Skyler, is pregnant with their unplanned second child so Walter has taken a second job he hates at a local car wash. Their eldest child, Walter Jr., is 15 and has cerebral palsy. With the weight of everything coming down on Walter and him losing his temper and fired from the car wash, Walter looks for other means of income. He just so happened to stumble upon knowledge of an old student, Jesse, being a crystal meth dealer and Walter wants in. Jesse teaches Walter how it is made and Walter does it better with his chemistry knowledge. Walter finds himself living two lives, while Jesse sells the meth for the one life. Meanwhile that is not Walters only worries, his brother-in-law, Hank is a DEA agent who has been trying to bust Jesse. Breaking Bad
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Breakingbadweek5HUM176 - Jessica Blocker HUM/176 Breaking...

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