HUM176DQ - Week 2 DQ3 Think about how often you use the...

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Week 2 DQ3 Think about how often you use the Internet and the various tasks you use it for. How would your day-to-day life differ if you tried to complete those same tasks without the use of the Internet? Share your thoughts with your classmates. DQ4 Do you have as much confidence in the accuracy of an online story as you do in one found in a newspaper or magazine? Explain your reasoning. DQ5 During the past election, did you ever find yourself following a political story or candidate on the Internet? Did you follow similar stories or candidates on the television or in your local paper? Post your thoughts to these two questions. Explain your general thoughts on the effect of the Internet on politics. I very followed it online and on TV. I know I have already see some distaste for Fox News in here but I have no problem admitting I watched plenty of Fox News last election time. I cannot say I have watched so much of it this time. I do not have time for the news right now and I find both sides completely ridiculous right now. However, I followed other news channels online also. Fox News was about the only one I followed on TV. I would go to the gym and my workouts were surrounded by the equipment closes to the TV with Fox News. When I got one with a TV mounted on it, that is what I turned on. Between having to stay up to date on what was going on overseas and with the election news was all I watched. Now my general thoughts on the effects of internet and politics are not the best. I was living in a college town during that election campaign. I can honestly tell you that the young generation did not seem to understand the
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HUM176DQ - Week 2 DQ3 Think about how often you use the...

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