HUM176Week3 - Choose a form of popular media that you are passionate about The media may be music a book or a movie Write a thesis sentence stating

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Choose a form of popular media that you are passionate about. The media may be music, a book, or a movie. Write a thesis sentence stating how and why it is more than just a piece of entertainment. The thesis must include why it is a legitimate form of popular culture. Keep in mind factors such as influence and controversy. Write a 250- to 350-word introductory paragraph that includes points that will be used in a paper to support your thesis statement. Post your paper as an attachment. Thesis: Twilight written by Stephenie Meyer was more than just the start of a book series; it started a phenomenon with adults to their children in the super natural. Write: Twilight is a series of four vampire-themed super natural novels written by American author Stephenie Meyer. In 5 years it sold over 116 million copies worldwide bringing mother and daughters to reading the same book. After the first book was turned into a record setting motion picture soon other super natural writers, especially those about vampires, started to take note on the bestseller charts.
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