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Hist syllibus Spring 2012 - The University of Iowa College...

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The University of Iowa College of Liberal Arts and Sciences School of Music Jazz History 25:141:SCA Spring-2012 Shambaugh Auditorium-UI Main Library Policies of this course are governed by the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Instructor Steve Grismore TA Nathan Bogert - [email protected] TA Jose Gobbo - [email protected] Office location and hours: Trinity Episcopalian Church 10:30-11:30 M/W/F mornings Office Phone: 335-1258 Email address: [email protected] Director of the School of Music: David Gier, CSM5 335-1613 Description of Course The Jazz History is a general education course under the Humanities qualification and is un available to music majors. (http://www.clas.uiowa.edu/faculty/gep/areas.shtml ) This course meets from 6:30 to 9:00 on Monday evenings and requires 2 term papers, a mid-term and a Final Exam, and 4 Performance Reviews. There will also be a Listening Component led by a TA the last 1/2 hour of each class. Objectives and Goals of the Course 1. To explore the various genera of American Jazz music. 2. To show how different musical and social elements came together to create jazz music and make it unique to the U. S. 3. To examine Jazz music in relation to larger socio-cultural processes as it was and as it is today. 4. The analysis aspects of this course will include: a) Develop listening skills as to identify specific style, composer, and/or soloist(s); b) Also to gain an understanding of performance practice of each specific period in the development of jazz and how each relates to current performance practices. 5. To look at the role of the current jazz musician and the status of the art as it stands today and possibly in the future. 6. To require each student to attend a minimum of four jazz performances and write a one page critique of each. Texts Martin, Henry & Waters, Keith. Jazz The First 100 years (3 nd ed) includes 3 listening Cds & one supplemental Cd. Other materials may include extra listening examples found on-line from the book site.
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Grading System and the Use of +/- I grade on a strict 10% per letter grade system with a plus/minus system of 10 points. There are 400 possible points in this class. For example: If you receive 360 points or up it is an A, but 369 is an A- and 391 is an A+. Between 370 and 390 the grades are simply A’s. Attendance is also required and I give everyone 2 missed classes with no penalty. However on your 3rd missed class it will cost you a letter grade and so on. For example: if you were getting a B+ in the class point wise but missed 4 classes, you would receive a D+. Of course if you have a doctors excuse and were truly ill or had personal tragedy in your family, there could be an exception made in that specific cases. You must fill out the proper paper work for these exceptions to be made. Assignments and Percentage of Final Grade
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Hist syllibus Spring 2012 - The University of Iowa College...

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