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Individual project - • What technique or techniques will you use to create digital data • What other data will you need to complete your

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Individual project: (40 points) This is a chance to gather spatial data and create a map to visualize or analyze a phenomenon that is either related to your field of study or of personal interest to you. You must use at least one of the techniques for creating digital data learned in previous labs. These techniques include, but are not limited to the following: Digitizing Gathering tracklogs or waypoints with GPS Joining tabular data to spatial data Geocoding Before starting work on the project I would like a short proposal stating what your project will be. The goal of the proposal is to ensure that your project is feasible and of the appropriate scope. Please answer the following questions and submit them to the Project Proposal dropbox by November 6 for Wednesday sections and November 13 for the Friday section. In one or two sentences describe what the theme of your final map will be.
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Unformatted text preview: • What technique or techniques will you use to create digital data? • What other data will you need to complete your project? What are the sources of this data? The weeks of November 7 and November 14 will be dedicated to working on the project. The final write-up and map will be due on Tuesday November 29 at 11:59 PM (Thursday December 1 for the Friday section). For the final write-up you will turn in a 1 to 2 pages write up (double spaced and 12 point font) that includes the following: 1. The purpose of the map 2. The intended users 3. A description of each piece of data and its source 4. The steps you took to create the map 5. A conclusion discussing what you learned and/or problems encountered and how you overcame them. 20 points will be possible for the map, so make sure that it communicates your intended purpose. 20 points will be for the write-up....
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